Inspired by the iconic Steltman chair by Gerrit Rietveld I designed a chair not to sit on.

December, 2021

Replica of the original wooden version of Steltman. This was a study to really understand the form and shapes of the chair

My chair is made from metal tubes and 15 welding bends. 

The frame draws the outline of the original and with this it marks space

A chair could have more function then just sitting. How often do you use a chair different then to sit on it? You can use it as a stand to reach to something on a high shelf or to toss on your dirty clothes when you go to bed. A chair could also be used as a pedestal for a plant. I decided to not give my redesigned Steltman chair a function for now. Use the frame in a way you like.

 A miniature of this design is now part of the traveling exhibition of MH EXPO more info on their website. 

Do you have ideas, suggestions or want to see more of this design?   

Please contact me, I would be happy to talk to you!